Method and Vision

Our vision:

  To hand-make delightful and distinctive, elegant and robust toys that become the substance and soul of your children’s play time.

  To know that our toys will withstand the rigors of your children’s rough and tumble.

  That the fun your children have will echo with the laughter of generations past, and enthuse and energize them and help forge their future.

  That our toys are a beginning of their playtime fun.

  That their developing imaginative games will be a thrilling source of enjoyment and harmony within your family and community.

  That their games engender creativity, confidence and maturity helping grow young adults within your community who are fun,  dynamic, self-reliant and thoughtful – possessing a strong sense of personal responsibility and respect of difference.

  To use the world’s precious and scarce resources for the benefit of your children’s future.

The method

  Create with flair and proudly handcraft items to last the test of usage and time.
  Use natural fibres as a preferred option.
  Maintain an overriding commitment to safety.
  Use robust and lasting construction techniques.
  Ensure a pleasing visual appearance, ease of use and maintenance.
  Develop a high level of intelligently planned simplicity.
  Be responsible in our use of the world’s resources.
  Do it once, Do it right, Use the best materials we can, and do it because it matters.
  We plan to keep designing toys that inspire and delight!

We, at Dobbin and Drum Toys, are committed to responsibly using the world’s resources – because the future of our children and our environment actually matters.