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Our Workshop

DelGood-bye Del

Christmas 2007 saw our wonderful friend and colleague, Del Thompson, sew her last teepee, hobby horse and drum fabric!
Del is a most extra-ordinary person: a cheerful and willing staff member, meticulous and conscientious solver of problems, able to stay calm and relaxed – no matter what chaos was going on around her, but most importantly: a friend for life.
There are so many kids playing with our items – indeed there are people playing with their children with the very items that were bought for them when they were kids – that Del helped make!
It would not have happened if it hadn’t been for Del’s attention to detail, and willingness to work away, making going to the workshop a wonderful experience for all of us – for nearly 2 decades!
Del, you will be greatly missed by us all.
Thanks Del, from the bottom of our hearts…….

Dobbin and Drum Toys is proud to have been able to have Abebe in our workshop.He is one of many extraodinary people whom we have been able to provide their first paid work in Australia. Abebe is looking for a significant sponsor to help in his preparations for the Beijing Para OlympicsAny suggestions and/or offers?Read Abebe Fekadu’s story here


walaWALA spend time hanging out at the Dobbin & Drum Toys workshop while staying in Brisbane during their tours. From Ghana in West Africa, the five-piece percussion and dance group named themselves after the word for “life” in their local language.

Check them out at: www.walaislife.com

IbrahimIbrahim making drums at the workshop. A dentist with international experience, he has just passed Australian dental exams (2007).

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