Diablo Teepee

New Diablo Teepee range

The new Diablo Teepees and Diablo Minis by Dobbin and Drum Toys build on our beautiful range of Classic Teepees and Weenie Wigwams.

The Diablo Teepees are toys of substance and soul – proudly designed and handmade in Brisbane.

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Diablo Minis

Indigo Spirit- Brand new toys!

Brand new toys!

Dobbin & Drum Toys are proud to reveal the new Indigo Spirit toys.

Indigo is one of the earliest dyes used to colour fabric. It is plant derived and has been used over centuries by many different cultures.

Traditionally used to colour denim fabric, it has helped inspire Dobbin & Drum Toys to use denim in our latest Teepee, Hobby Horse and Drum.


New Teepee “The Daintree”

New Teepee “The Daintree”

Just released…Inspired by the wildlife of the Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland, the brand new Dobbin & Drum Toys “The Daintree” teepee features twelve individual printed panels appliqued onto our special handcrafted teepees.

Creatures inhabiting the teepee include a Swamp Wallaby with a baby in her pouch, an Azure Kingfisher, a Green Tree Frog, Saltwater Croc, and Spectacled Flying-fox.

Come and see “The Daintree” at the Gift & Homewares Australia Trade Fair in Sydney this February.

Booth: DD33
Date: 24-27 February, 2007
Place: Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park
Registration enquires: (02) 9211 0550 of 1800 000 470
More info: (02) 9763 3222 or fairs@agha.com.au