September 18, 2008
More emails from some trade customers of Dobbin and Drum Toys about a new teepee

Some of these businesses have been buying from us since 1994……

“Yes – we received information about these tents. I saw the rip off straight away and put the information in the bin….we intend on only stocking yours…. S” (Victoria)

“Yes, I know, they sent me an e-mail, and I thought the very same thing. They are made in China, I e-mailed them and asked! Have totally ripped off your design …………I’m rooting for you, Cheers C” (Melbourne)

“Just to let you know you have our complete support. We choose to stock your teepees because of your ethics not just your beautiful product. Good luck, V” (rural Victoria)

“It must be incredibly disappointing and frustrating for you…..I will have some customers tell me that they have seen a cheaper (inferior) product …..There will always be those that will accept the cheaper product and not care about where it has come from ……. Good luck A-M” (Melbourne)

“My God….that is the last thing you need….people love your teepees so much……. I am happy with the great service and the beautifully (made) teepees you make. W” (Brisbane)

“I have seen a leaflet regarding these tee pee’s ………..we tell all of our interested customers that your quality is superb and that you honor (your products)….. We will continue to sell the features and benefits of your tee pee’s – we have had loads and loads of kids mucking around in our display tee pee and it still looks as new! C” (Gold Coast)

“You have our 100% support. S & L” (Brisbane)

“Rest assured I am not going anywhere; I love the quality of all Dobbin & Drum products. Not to mention the service – it’s fantastic!! I too believe that your tents are the very best available and the quality speaks for itself!….quality children’s products that stand the test of time!! M” Melbourne

“I also wanted to reassure you we would never ever go to that cheaper company . What a rip off hey. I know it is so hard when someone copies you……. I know how you feel after you do all the hard work and put blood sweat and tears into building something beautiful to have someone just waltz in and copy it. It really Sucks!!!!……….Thanks again for everything, C” Melbourne.

“……. (it’s) not durable quality of materials and complicated assembly technique……it sacrifices overall strength and ease of assembly for an “Ikea” style of assembly. (i.e.More bits to lose).” D, Queensland.

“Hi, We received the tee-pee (‘Daintree’) today and eagerly erected it together with the kids. Thank you so much it is even more than we imagined, absolutely beautiful and superbly constructed – this is a quality product and you should be very proud of the joy you give through your thoughtful selection of toys for kids. “A” (my son) has now been in the tee-pee for an hour reading books, he has finally found a space of his own that he can retreat to. Thank you for all your effort in helping us get it over here. Love C, D, A and S (your PNG customers)” Glad we could help – and thanks for the photo, ML. (Little A in his teepee, right)

“Hello, Firstly I must congratulate you on such a fine product! I have been buying your hobby horses for years as gifts for newborns. They are so well made, colourful and imaginative…I couldn’t believe it when I saw your lovely elephant and dragon….” Louise

“Hi, Thanks for your reply, your toys deserve all the praise that can be given, there is not many well made, well thought out and useful toys as those I have seen on your website today!” Amanda

“Hi, received reins (D&D Playreins/Horse Play Vest) and very impressed, great design and colour. The girls not only utilise them as a horse harness but also when playing as dogs, in fact I had to pretend to be blind today as my daughter led me around the house!” Justine

(Ed: As we’ve often said, give the kids a toy that is not fully planned out and scripted around a board room table and they make their own fun.)

“We gave our printed teepee from home a trial run at kindy and it was a big hit – it became an animal hospital for 2 days!” (Ed: If you give kids “real” toys, they’ll make up their own games without needing suggestions!)

Hello, My name is Kelly & we …. (have just received)… one of your Teepees . It is just stunning, the kid’s are beside themselves. Thank you so much.

Ella in her teepee, right, Clapham Junction, England, 2005. What fun!

“Dear Merv and Joan,
Just thought I’d let you know I had a look at your website. It’s fantastic, the toys are just divine and it looks like you must have fun doing this! It’s hard to find such quality these days, so I’ll be passing this onto my friends! Dexter, my 3yr old son, really enjoyed watching the slideshow on your website.
I was also interested to see your link to Wala music group, aren’t they incredible!” Anna

“To Mervyn,
A couple of months ago I was working on a Television commercial for … … . I was using one of your teepees in the commercial when a bed fell over on it and broke two of the struts. I had borrowed the teepee from my nephew Corban and both himself and I were devastated by the broken teepee. But not for long. I came to your factory and within a matter of minutes you had the teepee as good as new. Corban and I were both very happy again. Attached is a picture Corban’s best friend Tom drew, a picture of Tom and Corban playing in the teepee. The teepee is one of Corban’s favorite things and we just wanted to say thank you for fixing it up brand new.” Fiona

“Dear Merv and Joan,
When my first child was born he was diagnosed with gastric reflux. As Sam was highly sensitive to chemicals, his peaditrician advised us to create an environment free of synthetic materials and this eliminated many toys available in our modern toys shops.
Our child’s gifts included Dobbin & Drum Toys hobby horse, teepee and musical instruments.
Sam’s now 11-years-old and very well.
The toys are still looking new and have been played with constantly.
The children’s play and imagination has been enriched by these toys.
I believe it’s these toys that have helped us keep TV an video games from our home because our boys are busy playing and creating.
Thank you for the precious gifts you have given to our family.”
Therese Steele, Author of Is Your Child Affected By Chemicals?, contact on ISD + 61 7 3289 2504.

“Dear Joan and Mervyn,
For the past two decades Dobbin & Drum Toys have let the children in my care explore a world of fantasy and delight through the use of their exquisitely handcrafted hobby horses, ponies, camels, zebras… But now with dragons, seahorses, unicorns, circus ponies in the Dobbin & Drum “stable” it looks as if our flights of fantasy are to continue! For not only do Dobbin & Drum Toys’ beautiful creations stand the test of time and wear, they also ignite the imaginations of our children!”
Anna Ormrod, Early Childhood Educator

“Hi Mervyn,
The Tee Pee arrived to us on Wednesday and we have just given it to Oscar for his birthday – he is soooo excited and it looks fantastic – better than what I remembered when I had seen it in Noosa. You are extremely clever people and have certainly given our little boy a huge amount of joy. The wording on the side is great and really makes this a something I’m sure he will still treasure in 40 years time!!! Looking back on his childhood with fun and laughter – the cat and teddy and pjs ready for a sleepover are all now installed inside and I must ring the bell if I want to talk to him!!!! Gorgeous and priceless. Thanks again much appreciated. Cheers.” Deidre, New Zealand

“Thank you for everything”
Toomelah Preschool, NSW, Australia, 2006.

“Dear Mervyn,
It was lovely meeting you yesterday (at the GHA fair). Thank you for your very kind donation for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead (Sydney). You know, out of every supplier, you were the only one who donated something. God bless you. Kindest regards, Anna.”

“Dear Mervyn,
The order arrived today – that was one BIG box of toys! Thank you so much for sending me all the samples, brochures and literature! I love the mini-wigwam, it’s really cute. And those flags are great – I’ll use them to decorate my stand at the fair I’m attending.
I also loved the horses/dragon/unicorn – they’re really something special. And the drums and percussion has had a safe journey.
Well, I better get around to working on taking pictures etc. for my webstore, so I can sell some drums…
Thanks again,
Anita Berge, toy retailer, Norway, 2006.

“I just want to let you know that I have delivered all the beautiful toys to the aboriginal children. The kids were so happy. … Once again I say thank you for your generosity and as is said on the card: ‘You are the people who make the world a better place.’ Let’s do it together.”
Sister Felicitas, S.Sp.S., Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia, 2006.

“Lane Cove Toy Library is proud to stock Dobbin and Drum Toys’ products for hire and sale. After five years’ constant use indoors and outdoors we have only just had new covers made to replace the original ones on our Teepee Tents.
“It is always a pleasure dealing with D&D and I really appreciate the after sales service always offered on our purchases. Orders are dispatched quickly and economically and always with a smile.”

Celia Craig, owner of Lane Cove Toy Library for over 18 years, purchasing advisor to Early Childhood Centres, and NSW state representative for the Australian Toy Library Association, Dec 2000.

“The children at our centre have been using Dobbin and Drum Toys’ equipment, especially the hobby horses, since the centre opened in July 1992. Even though some of the horses have patches on their faces through over attention by the children, they are still in constant use.
“I cannot speak more highly of the quality of these hand crafted toys – the attention to detail, the value for money, the solid and lasting construction and the visual attractiveness – all of these qualities blend into presenting equipment ideal for use in the child care setting.”

Ruth Hurley, Director of Salisbury Community Early Childhood Centre, Frewin St, Salisbury, QLD, Australia.

“Kidstuff has dealt with Dobbin and Drum Toys for more than six years. In that time, we have come to deeply respect their originality of design and strict adherence to quality of manufacture.
“In this proudly Australian company we have found a supplier who incorporates not only excellent product but also total reliability of supply.”

Adrienne Blue of Kidstuff, 126A Queen St, Woollahra, Sydney, Australia.

“I have been associated with a town toy library and a family day care toy library which have been stocked with Dobbin and Drum Toys’ play equipment. I have also used these products at kindergartens. They have withstood many hours of play from a wide range of age groups, appealing to the younger members as well as primary (elementary) school age children.
“As a parent and a teacher I have always been impressed with the quality of the products and the endless hours of fun experienced by children whilst they extend their creativity, motor development, imagination and communication skills. I truly believe these toys will last for generations. Our children will hand them down as an example of the things they played with ‘back in the old days’.”

Sally Chambers Dip E.C., Nanango, QLD, Australia

“We’ve been collecting lovely children’s toys for years (long before we started a family) and we’d very much like to know what else you make.”
Jane Goffman, Dickson, ACT, Australia.

Thank you for the wonderful Percussion Kit that our children have greatly enjoyed.
“Percussion is a mainstay of our music program. We have a percussion group of our oldest students which plays African drums and performs locally – most recently at a university candlelight Christmas service of lessons and carols. The younger children will enjoy practicing on your instruments.”

Greenwood Friends School, Millville, Pennsylvania, USA.