Diablo Teepee

New Diablo Teepee range

The new Diablo Teepees and Diablo Minis by Dobbin and Drum Toys build on our beautiful range of Classic Teepees and Weenie Wigwams.

The Diablo Teepees are toys of substance and soul – proudly designed and handmade in Brisbane.

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Diablo Minis

Toy Safety Update

Website update – new Toy Safety

At Dobbin & Drum Toys, we are concerned about the abundance of chemicals used to make many children’s toys. While our toys are made without the use of these harmful chemicals, are products are the exception to the general rule.

On our new Toy Safety web page, you will find information, articles and our dedication to crafting chemical and toxin-free toys that will inspire a child’s imagination.

Visit the Toy Safety web page