Parent-friendly Percussion

Parent-friendly Percussion

Kids at Toomelah Pre-school, NSW


Parent-friendly Percussion


The rattle of this everyday object of yesteryear became incorporated into music and provided rhythm for singing.
Made entirely from Australian plantation timber, the washboard is designed to be held and played while sitting or walking. It comes with a timber scraper and a sturdy cotton drawstring bag. Measures: 24cm (9″) x 20cm (8″)

Shaker / Cabasa

Made from mostly recycled materials our brightly coloured shaker provides experience in timing and rhythm. As with all percussion, the simpler the instrument the bigger the challenge to create complex rhythms. Shaker / Cabasa

Claves / Clap Sticks

For millennia, people have used rhythm sticks. Ideal for learning how tones are generated from natural materials. Made from quality Australian spotted gum, in two styles and sizes: Traditional/Professional and Children’s.


Our adaptation of this Latin American instrument is a classic example of how a variety of tones and rhythms can be produced from a simple shaped piece of wood. Made fom quality Australian spotted gum, and supplied with a metal or wooden scraper, and a cotton drill bag. Measures 3.3 (1″) cm x 20 cm (8″)

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